who says events don’t pay?

Well organised and structured events can be an effective way of boosting the local economy and benefit the wider community. The Golf Open Championships held at the Royal Liverpool Golf Club, was reported to have resulted in a £76 million boost to the local economy from a weeklong event.

But, what about the direct impact on those who live in the area? The social impacts of an event can be an important influencer on the success of an event. Research into the impact of the Golf Open Championships found that local residents reported increased community pride, improved facilities in the area and increased leisure activities during and after the event.

The study of 100 local residents showed that 94% of respondents want the event to return in the future, and 96% would encourage more events to take place in their local community. Linking back to economic benefits, local residents also agreed that the event created more business opportunities in the area and has had a lasting impact post event. Definitely worth considering when contemplating an event in your community.

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