unleashing creative ideas in pitches - do i, don't i?

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re preparing a pitch for a new piece of business and wondered how much creativity and time to put into it, without giving away your crown jewels? I recently attended a networking event where a competitor admitted that they do not get involved in pitches, as they don’t want to give away all ther ideas unless guaranteed the business. It got me thinking. We all put so much time and effort into our business development, ensuring they’re jam packed with concepts and content (visuals and dummy assets). Protecting your creative ideas so that a client doesn’t just use the ideas themselves, or indeed, suggest them to another agency is always a risk. But, the question is, is it a risk worth taking in the hope of winning new business?

Following your instincts is crucial, as every pitch is different and you should be able to sense when something is not right. Do I, Don’t I unleash this creative idea? Is the pitch already lost?

We always push for a meeting face to face before divulging valuable content. Primarily, this is to facilitate and grow that initial relationship with the prospective client. Essentially empowering you to open your ‘bag of tricks’ at the opportune moment.

The ultimate outcome is that we want our vision to become a reality by winning the business. We strongly believe that ‘ideas’ are only part of the picture, it’s the delivery of these ideas that is truly the key.

See this post in the latest edition of Business Week here http://tinyurl.com/6zeg3gv

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