think you could organise the olympics?

We know all too well how much preparation is put into organising an event and with the upcoming 2016 Rio Olympics just around the corner, these statistics gives some insight into what goes into organising this year’s Olympics.

17,000 – Number of Olympic athletes and officials.

78,000 – The capacity of Maracana stadium, where the opening and closing ceremonies will be held.

206 – Countries competing in the August 5-21 Games.

1 – Team of refugees competing under the Olympic banner for the first time.

7.5 million – Tickets on sale.

10 – Miles length of the extension of the underground metro system, the biggest infrastructure project in preparation for the Games.

25,000 – Number of journalists covering the Games.

500,000 – Estimate of tourists expected to attend the Games.

31 – Number of tower blocks making up the Olympic Village.

60,000 – Meals per day to be served at the huge Olympic Village dining hall.

5 – Number of jumbo jets you could fit into that dining hall.

80,000 – Chairs for the Olympic Village.

400 – Number of footballs expected to be used in Olympic competition.

25,000 – Tennis balls to be used at the games.

Phew! We are exhausted just looking at this list and although we wish we were heading off to Brazil to join the fun, we are looking forward to watching all the excitement on the TV at the opening ceremony in August.

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