the future of event technology

The events industry is constantly innovating when it comes to technology, from Tupac’s hologram performance at Coachella, to Paul McCartney’s virtual reality experience concert, where fans could practically touch him; it is an exciting time for the industry.

Here are our top 3 event technology trends which we think could be the future of events and are already making an impact.

1. virtual reality

Commonly used for education, training or product demonstrations at trade shows and conferences, virtual reality allow attendees to immerse themselves in another environment. Although we actually think its way more exciting than that, for example we can pretend we are at the Rio Olympics which will be broadcast in virtual reality this year for the first time. The future could also see benefits to the event organiser as virtual event planning and floor mapping technology arrives, making it possible to visualise your final without even leaving the office! For more information on watching the Olympics in virtual reality click here –

2. ibeacons

iBeacons are transmitters that can sense the proximity of nearby iOS devices and send and receive notifications using Bluetooth. There is nothing worse than being bombarded with tons of paper at an event, so instead IBeacons can send brochures, maps or exhibitor information directly to your device exactly when you need it. Not just for receiving notifications, at an awards dinner perhaps, each table could have their say and vote on the awards, or just summon the waiter for more drinks with a tap of a button! See how IBeacons have been used at one of Europe’s largest festivals

3. smart watches

Although smart watches have been around for quite a while now, we think these devices are still relevant with new innovative apps regularly created for the watches. These clever tiny computers can act as an admission ticket, event navigation and a schedule; all without fumbling inside a bag. Consider business cards a thing of the past, as with a flick of the wrist two parties can exchange contact information, even with a drink in your hand. Instead of attendees eyes fixed on their mobiles, smart watches make events more personal by freeing up more time for actual networking, with all the updates you’ll need at a glance to your wrist.

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